Wednesday, August 24, 2016

bench technique

I was benching yesterday, I'm trying to get as far away as possible to this universal law that Monday is chest day. Almost everything is occupied on Monday at the gym, everyone is "starting their new life" and everyone starts with either running or chest. Better to change day when benching.
I suck at taking pictures at the gym, always thinking of it when i'm not there, but at the gym I'm focusing on what I'm doing.
I'm working on my technique, I didn't put that much on how to lift, but how much weight, and now I know that the technique makes everything easier and weights on the bar is easier to handle when you do it right.
In order to get strong in power lifting without injuries , technique comes first.
I don't have coach so I have to learn my self as the old time, you tube, reading and follow people on Instagram that are power lifters .

A how to bench guide

when you are under the bar, get on you toes and make an arch with your back, tense those glutes.
Press the traps together and make yourself lay on top of almost olny them, really dig the traps in to the bench and grab the bar and tense the grip all the way from you back muscles, they are the one who will do the most of the work. I usually have my middle finger on the last "ring" on the bar.
Still in the arch position you now move you fet wide apart and get them as much underneath you as you can wile the  hole soul touching the floor and the butt comes down on the seat. On competition the bum is not allowed to leave the bench thru the lift, but a long as you have a bit of the bum on the bench it's alright.
Now You will make the lift, activate the legs, the glutens and back, this is were your power will come from, without the bum lifting from the seat you push the bar up from the rack, and the bar should now go down towards your chest, right underneath to be exactly, do not let the bar just fall down, easiest is to count to two when it comes down, and then push the bar up, having the hole body helping you thru the exercise . and now you've done one lift.

maybe the explanation make you think of a knut lying on the bench, but this is a good picture to show how it looks like. ( there can be differences in the arc and were the foot is. )

Monday, August 22, 2016

Dead lift sumo style

I haven't really eaten that much in two days
It's been breakfast and coffe and late dinner, or just chips and candy, jumy!
But i was feeling strong at the gym today, like really!
I didn't have a lot of energy at the beginning though, really had to work for it.
But I run for like 15 minutes, that's a good start, and always at the end, like two minutes I increase the speed to more of a fast run. It's great to get my blod bumping
I didn't do anything else but sumo lift, like 24 sets if I counted them right
I never really know what I'm gonna do until I get to the gym, I sort of know what I will start with, and When it feels like I'm done with it, I do 1 or 2 sets and decide at the same time what I'm gonna do.
But today I only felt like doing deadlift sumo style, so I did.
I hit 85 kg 2 times in one set. personal best and  knew I could go higher, but I also fealt like 24 sets was pretty good to , so next time , fewer set and a bit more kg, maybe I can get to that 100 kg soon! wihu!

Friday, August 19, 2016

Understand your depression and know how to fight it

So I'v been down for two days now, I'v been really anxious that it's going down hill again.
Having a hard time controlling the negativ thoughts, and every time I try doing something productive my mind just goes "no you won't"
and I  can't find the energy to fight it.

So today is my third day I'm trying to go outside, and my goal is to get to the gym.

I'm having a bit of a hard time to get ready, as always,
my brain is trying to convince me doing everything easel the what it's suppose to.
I wish it was simple, and I wish I had a broken leg or something similar so I could point out what's wrong and whats making everything so hard and difficult to do.
But it's my own brain I'm fighting , not a broken leg.

Depression is a self defensive state the brains goes in to, a self defending state from a long time of stress, worrying and STRESS . And now it is sending out signals to take it easy,  even though the "normal me" ( not the biological me) knows that I AM taking things easy, all day, everyday, but I also have to go to the gym to get dopamin in my system to help me and my brain to get out of this state.
Physical activities is in the healing plan of what the brain and body need to get well
But these to sides are fighting (the depression and my self) it creates anxiety, and I cant let the brain win.
two days of victory for the depression is enough.

I'm gonna finish this post, and then I'm gonna pack my bags and head out!

the pic sums it all up very well  lol

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Restday and Stardew Valley

I'v been thinking about taking my camera with me to the gym one day , both taking better quality pictures and be able to record . 
My phone have more pixels then my camera, but my camera is for sure a better option because - camera 
(if you are a 9gag:er, you know the memes - aliens - )

So I'm gonna take a rest day today,  my body is really tired and needs to rest. I'm not sleeping that well during the nights, so my recovery from working out is not going as well as I wish. 
But still 'm making process at the gym in strength so I guess I'm doing something right.
I'v been working on my bench technic, and I have been doing really nice process there
I'm definitely not as strong as I wish I were, but if this continues I will be in a wile .
I just need to eat i lot more then a do so my muscles and brain get some fuel.

I haven't had a downfall in a couple of weeks now and that feels really good. 
I'm really trying not to fall apart, be consisting is the key
I was in a really deep dung hole for a wile with very dark thoughts and feelings, a lot of anxiety and not being able to take care of my self i guess, not going outside, not eating, not watching movies or series. not being able to sleep , just be some sort of zombie, just be on the bed . 
It was not a pleasant place to be at
So I'm very thankful for not being there anymore

Now I'm gonna make some food and play Stardew Valley (<--- Link)  until my eyes bleed

Thursday, August 11, 2016

food and energy

I'm really in a good zone right now with my gym time , food and energy.
I know everyday is like flipping a coin
Good or bad
But for some reson it's going well right now, and if I wake up with a bad mood I'm able to turn it around just by thinking I need to go to the gym, it makes me happi":er"
a lot goes thrue my mind at that point , when I'm in doubt , but I really like to be strong, and I really like to get back to those legs and butt I ones had
And know I have to work harder to get them back
And I also feel like my body is sort of yearning to show how powerful it is , and what kind of strength it bears
I really REALLY like this feeling and I wish from the bottom of my heart it will stay with me for a wile now so I can be on my way to get well

I had a session with front squats yesterday, made a p.b (personal best) x2 - 50 kg, YEY for me
and today I had a session with some regular squats, I'm a bit sore, but manage.
As I was telling in another post I'm very satisfied to feel something physical for ones

Monday, August 8, 2016

A new fresh start. Monday

I came up rather late, but i manage to get my shit together anyway, usually when I come up late I have truble getting things done. it's lika my brain is in some sort of hibernate
On my way to the gym I took some kreatin, that I used before ( before this depression took a hold of me) without any problem, but this time I got some sort of palpitation from it and crazy feeling, I didn't get the proper mindset to lift so I had to run like a maniac to get rid of it, and after I could to some sets of front squat. not gonna to that tomorrow, that was to intense.
I have found a spot at the gym now were I can work out with out the mirrors. Yey!
I mean, mirrors is great to use at some exercise, but others are better to feel that you are doing correct.

well. thats it for me today

tomorrow is a new day that may bring news about my future.

My bunny, the cutest

Sunday, August 7, 2016

I'm gonna write something funny here another time

I'm feeling kind of productive today, I'v been at the recyckling station with a lot of stuff
This "on my to do list" have been hoovering over me for a cupple of weeks now and it feels really nice to be done with it.
Now it's the next thing, all the stuff in my boxes that I need to sell.
well, one day at a time

There was no exercise for me today, this trip toke a lot of energy
I really shouldn't be driving but I manage . I'm having small panic attacks in the car with feeling like " Oh no, am I driving on the wrong side of the rode" and " is this the right way to drive?"
But i'm not a fast driver so I think I'm good with the decisions making haha
Everyone survived anyway , and the car is good

Tomorrow it's monday and the vaccation thats been going on at home has now come to an end, it has been 4 rather shattering , good and bad , and I hope now for a better brighter future
I'm sick of this bubble of depression
This week it's rather important for me to do whatever it takes to go to the gym, I'm gonna need it it like a hand needs the glove during winter